Fashions from Ireland Ireland is a wonderful destination for shopping and the popular items in Ireland includes the Irish sweaters, hooded cloak, knit wear etc… The Irish sweater is made up of the natural wool and it is also known as the fisherman’s sweater. The next is the hooded cloak that is suitable for both men and women in the medieval days. The cloaks are available in different colors and style. The maplin Ireland offers hand knit sweaters and scarves for women. The Irish clothing is incomplete without the proper accessories. The modern generation clothing includes the fabric wear with the hooded capes, soft wool, Rugby shirts, jeans etc… The basket stitch is very common with the sweaters. Normally the Irish sweater will have around 100,000 stitches and the stitches are very tight. The fashions from Ireland include the Rugby shirts and a pair of jeans. They are also used as the sea spray by the fisherman. Some of the styles include the lumbar style, cardigan, crew etc… There are many boutiques and shopping malls from where you can choose the variety of fashion items depending on your taste at affordable rates. There are counter assistants who provide you the assistance in choosing the makeup items that accurately suits your skin and hair style. The discount codes are available in the shopping websites you can pick the code before ordering the products online. The Irish jewelry is also famous with the pendants in the rings and chains used by the women of all age groups.